ArtBrush Online School

ArtBrush is a new, online school founded by Talia LeHavi, created to assist you in developing your skills in Japanese Ink Painting while giving you a deeper appreciation for this tradition within Japanese art history.

The schools step-by-step courses are designed to allow you to practice brush exercises, guiding you in

creating your own ink paintings while experiencing the meditative nature of the process.

The school is catered to beginners and those with prior ink painting experience, to provide a valuable learning voyage for anyone with a desire to learn the foundations of Japanese ink painting.


We have a wide variety of courses available, including single courses which focus on one specific subject,

our foundation course which offers an in-depth study, as well as an expanding library providing you with

writings and essays on the history of Japanese ink painting.  Each course also includes a tools and materials check-list, downloadable PDF worksheets and additional compositions for you to practice in your own time.

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