The following animal charities are supported by the sales of all artwork:

Starting Over is a non-profit animal sanctuary, they rescue and rehabilitate animals from all over Israel in situations of neglect, abuse and abandonment and are given the opportunity to live a life of freedom, love and peace. The sanctuary promotes the public education of animal protection and works with youth at-risk and disadvantaged populations by integrating them in the animal care and support.

Free The Bears works to rescue and rehabilitate Asia's bears and tackle threats towards them. They work with governments to strengthen laws, with traditional medicine practitioners to work on alternatives to bear bile, and work to educate the public with campaigns explaining the cruelty inflicted upon bears in farms. Free the Bears works with communities, schools and organisations across Asia to raise awareness of the wildlife trade.

The Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary work to bring elephants back to their natural habitat and also educate the public on the treatment of elephants while combatting illegal trade. They also work with the surrounding village by providing an income for the locals by renting land, creating jobs and teaching English within the community.

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