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Ink Dragons

Ink marks are but notes in time, echo of a moment passing by. This art-form is both ancient in its Chinese and Japanese origin as well as contemporary and universal in expression and practice.

Guardians of the Way (Tao), Champions of those who persist and don't give up, vehicles of the immortals who live on this plain carrying the wisdom of the ages, are but some of the roles which dragons are portrayed in.

Mischievous, playful and powerful beings, dragons are known to be shape shifters. Able to grow and shrink in size in an instant, appear and disappear at will, while using water, mist, clouds and rain as their place of dwelling.

One famous story, tells of a time of great drought in Japan, when a well known artist was called to help.. he painted a dragon amongst clouds.. the painting was so fantastic, that when the artist have finished it, by making a black dot for the eye as his last ink-mark, the dragon came to life, flew off the paper, and on to the sky... clouds began forming up, and soon after, rain was coming down.

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