Japanese Ink Painting & Watercolour Courses

Based on simplicity and minimalism, this work is a form of active meditation, a training of discipline of hands and mind. It enhances self-confidence and flow with the brush, promoting new sets of drawing skills.

With each subject you will learn about its core feature and ideas, alongside key brush strokes, using traditional brushes, ink and fine paper. 


 *Course fees include study sheets, plenty of practice time, all your tools & materials, 1-2-1 tutorial,

     group discussion and light refreshment


 *Intermediate students are welcomed to learn advanced level themes or work on their personal project


*Professional tools and materials are all supplied for the course as well as light refreshments


   *Professional calligraphy sets, brushes and paper can be purchased during the course

Upcoming Workshops

 Japanese ink painting workshops will take place at the venues below. If you are interested in joining or find out more, please press the links below. 

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Previous Workshops

Talia is an experience teacher, and over the years has hosted a large number of Japanese ink painting workshops. Below are a selection of venues where Talia has previously taught.

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Daylesford Organic Farm
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Japanese ink painting and ikebana courses at the London Flower School




-Do I need previous knowledge? I am a complete beginner


No previous experience in art or ink painting is required. This workshop is designed for mixed-level abilities, and Talia will offer 1-2-1 time for each student to progress in their own rhythm.


-Is there an age limit?


16 and up



-What is the size of the class?


7 -14 students



-I am a professional artist, is this for me?


Yes, many professional artists and designers have been studying with Talia and benefit from the aesthetic of Japanese art and practice. The course will offer new ways of observation and understanding composition and space in Japanese ink painting,  as well as an in-depth understanding of tools and materials and sampled traditional exercises.



- What about tools and materials?


If you have your own kit, do bring it along. Otherwise, the teacher will provide all that you need for the day.

It is recommended to bring an apron, notepad and pencils and an A3 folder for your practices and finished paintings to carry home.



- Where can I buy my own tools and materials?


During the course, at break time, you will be able to purchase your very own set of high-quality tools and materials. To include a selection of brushes, brush hangers, brush rests, water-droppers, ink stones, ink sticks, liquid ink, weights and paper.



- What about cancellation?


Cancellation refund is according to the college/ school/museum policy.

 In the case of teacher's cancellation, a full refund will be offered.