This set comprises of 6 items:


  • Medium brush

     Diam. 7.5mm / brush length 3.6cm / total length 22.7cm

  • Large brush

     horsehair & sheep wool / Diam. 1cm / length 4.6cm / total length 20cm

  • Ink stone  / suzuri

     made in Ogatu, Miyagi Prefecture / L.13.5 × W.7.4 × H.1.9cm

  • Ink stick / sumi   with cranes decoration

  • Ceramic brush-rest for two brushes

    Mount Fuji shape, celedon glaze  / W.8.1 x D.2.5 x H.4cm

  • Pad of good quality paper / gasenshi

    20 sheets / ivory shade / 30% mulberry paper / 35x27cm

Economy Set I

  • A good quality economy set for the beginner student who wants to experiment with Japanese ink painting and calligraphy. Useful for students wishing to paint whilst on the road with a light and essential painting tool set.

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