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About Talia

My work invites meditation upon nature and its relationship with colour, light and movement.  As I draw or paint, I gradually unravel the underlying qualities of balance and harmony within my subject matter.  What interests me most is observing the formation of line and pattern: from the blades of grasses to a bird’s feather; from the shifting of clouds to the beat of my heart; from the maps of stars in heaven to the trunk of an old oak tree. I continuously strive to reveal beauty and elegance within the natural rhythm of life and look to my art as a place of well-being, empowerment and inner peace. 

The materials I love to use are water-based pigments, powders, and Japanese black ink. These are natural and organic and are deeply connected to earth and nature. They afford a rich palette of hues and allow for both extreme precision and flow of movement. I am captivated by the way they blend together and create a whole that is more than its' individual parts.  Occasionally, I also add hints of gold and silver, as these reflect light differently at each hour of the day, changing the glow of the work from within.

My work is an attempt to find and enjoy a moment in time. The materials I use embrace that moment, echoing their mark on the paper or canvas, and becoming eternal for a short while. I am keen to explore images that can stand the test of time, that would still be of fascination in years to come, and yet are potent in the here in now. I hope that others understand my work with their hearts and emotions; that they are touched and moved by it, and that it evokes a sense of balance, hope, and joy.


Work on display

Exhibiting both in the UK and internationally, Talia is known for her cross-disciplinary paintings, prints and ceramic tiles.

Her work can be found in public collections, as well as many private collections around the world.

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All Things Ink


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Affordable Art Fair

London, Bristol

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Sway Gallery


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54 The Gallery

Mayfair, London

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Glasgow Art Fair


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Commission a Painting

Talia will work with you carefully to get the right artwork to fit your space. Commissioning art is a highly personal process, and you will be able to discuss with Talia details from colour scheme, size and format to lighting and hanging options. 

Rondo II ink japanese ink painting by Talia Lehavi - red leave on branch with a faint sun in the background
Rondo I ink japanese ink painting by Talia Lehavi - red leave on branch with a faint sun in the background


Supporting charities

The following animal charities are supported by the sales of all artwork and ArtBrush courses.

Starting Over - Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary Logo

Starting Over Animal Rehabilitation Sanctuary

As a non-profit animal sanctuary, they rescue and rehabilitate animals from all over Israel in situations of neglect, abuse and abandonment and are given the opportunity to live a life of freedom, love and peace. The sanctuary promotes the public education of animal protection and works with youth at-risk and disadvantaged populations by integrating them in the animal care and support.

Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary Logo

Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

They work to bring elephants back to their natural habitat, and educate the public on the treatment of elephants while combatting illegal trade. They also work with the surrounding village by providing an income for the locals by renting land, creating jobs and teaching English within the community.


Follow on Instagram

Please follow Talia Lehavi on Instagram to stay updated with new artwork and upcoming courses.

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