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24-28 September 2024 at Mallorca studio   


Talia is an experienced teacher, and over the years has hosted a large number of Japanese ink painting and calligraphy workshops.

Mallorca studio now offers 1-2-1 apprentice like retreat  workshops with Talia, for individuals and small groups. For details check HERE


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View promotional videos from past workshops

Below are Japanese ink painting and ikebana courses taught at the London Flower School.


What our students say about their experience

I discovered Talia's ink painting and calligraphy almost by error.  I was at a point in my life when a re-think was necessary and this was an attempt to explore my own creativity instead of responding to a brief for a client.  I loved the ambiance of our Saturday morning sessions - the quiet concentration, the classical music and the smell of the Japanese tea!  The weight of the brushes, the feel of the fine, transparent paper and the energy that was created as we  explored each line or shape we created.  I learned to be much kinder to myself and to use the mistakes as an opportunity rather than a depressing disaster.

I try to re-create in my own studio on the banks of the Thames, the atmosphere of those morning lessons with that energy, sense of calm and focus the moment. This course is not just about how to paint.  It enables us to find our own voice and listen.

— Judy H. Artist and graphic designer

Tucked away beneath the Tramuntana mountain range lays Talia Lehavi’s home art studio. The setting for a meditative painting course could not be more ideal.

I took a left turn onto a dirt road from the main highway. The gate slowly opens, revealing a grove of almond trees and a house perched in the middle. Getting out of the car I am greeted with a large black cat named Sumi-e. The studio is adorned with beautiful works by Talia, and a collection of ink brushes from around the world.

I began studying with Talia when I first arrived to Mallorca last summer, and was looking for a creative outlet. My background in Mindfulness and interest in painting seemed like the perfect combination to dive into Japanese Ink Painting.

There is so much beauty and elegance in this ancient art, and it continues to amaze me. The smell of essential oils in the natural ink, the delicate hairs on the brush, and the presence and breath each stroke demands.

Talia is a true master at her craft, and you can sense a deep knowledge of the art not only through her technical understanding, as well as through her easeful ink strokes. She is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the history of Japanese ink painting and her passion for the topic is ever present. Coming to class with Talia I have gained so much from hearing her personal experience and journey with ink painting. She has reverence for this art modality, and she shares the small gems ink painting continues to teach her about life.

It is an honor to study with a teacher such as Talia who is an embodiment of her craft. She truly lives in congruence with nature, and it is so easy to see this through the beautiful art studio she has created. I highly recommend studying with Talia, whether you are looking for in depth knowledge of ink painting, or a creative outlet. Her ability to dance between the technical and the creative flow is a testament to ink painting itself. Learning how to find your voice within the structure of this ancient art.

Julia N. Meditation facilitator and writer

Talia’s Japanese ink workshop was a wonderful experience, and I was able to learn a great deal about sumi-e painting in a short amount of time. Talia is extremely knowledgeable about her subject, and not only guided me through various techniques of sumi-e painting, building from one skill to another, but also provided in-depth explanations of the historical development of sumi-e, including the importation of calligraphy from China, the relationship of the art form to Buddhism, and discussion of Japanese masters of the art from. 

Talia’s studio is a clean and inviting space in a beautiful rural setting, surrounded by almond trees and a beautiful view of the stunning twin peaks the Puig d’Alaró and the Puig de s’Alcadena, part of the Tramuntana mountain range. Just a wonderful place to immerse oneself in painting. 

Talia provided all the needed supplies, as well as tasty snacks during our daily break. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

Richard D. - Artist and head teacher of Art dept. N. Carolina

A whole new world has opened up for me, one that I would not be without. Talia's classes are so engrossing and interesting -  At every level the time is enjoyable. I've been coming for some time now and it has become an essential part of my week. Always something new,  so much to learn. And the delightful company of other students. Wonderful! 

— Jenny

A delightful painter's studio with the right vibe for practising the ancient art of Japanese brushstrokes: inspiring music, the aroma of green tea light coming in from the garden and bamboo leaves moving in the wind.  I enjoyed the hours spent in the studio painting and sharing with Talia and the other participants our appreciation of Japanese art and philosophy.

— Emanuela R. Artist

Hi, I absolutely loved this class. I am a complete beginner but learned so much in one lesson thanks to a really talented and patient teacher. Thank you so much! 

— Sarah J.

I have been learning Japanese Ink Painting (Suibokuga) and Calligraphy from Talia for a few years. She is a wonderful teacher, with a vast knowledge and understanding of the subject and its history. The art form itself is very relaxing and meditative. I find that the black ink used allows me to focus and reflect on the calligraphy or shape without worrying about colours. It has taught me to focus on the essential and discard anything unnecessary. This art form constantly challenges me and opens up my mind to new ways of thinking and perception. Practising ink painting always makes me feel connected with myself. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wishes to take a break from the daily stress and learn to create some magic with brush, paper and ink.

— Raji, Business Analyst

Talia's studio is a place of peace and tranquility, where I learn about how to use Japanese ink brush stroke and make my very own ink painting. I find the practice demand discipline and encourage self listening and  focus. It is a step by step journey into one of the most ancient painting practice. Wonderful. 

— Sarah

טליה מורה נהדרת, מקסימה!

מתאימה בכל דרכה ומעשיה, לשאת בשליחותה המיוחדת, להביא את תרבותה של יפן, עיקריה ועולמה המיוחד.

טליה אישה עדינה, מורה ואמנית מפוארת בפני עצמה, ומביאה זאת בהצלחה לתלמידיה חניכיה.

יודעת גם לדרוש משמעת ומביאה איתה חומרים מגוונים, הנלווים לתרבות היפנית. יחד עם הציור, חשוב ונהדר שטליה גם מלמדת את הקליגרפיה היפנית.

כך טליה שומרת ונותנת לנו, רמה גבוהה ותחושות תענוג וגאווה, להתבגר ולהיות בין תלמידותיה ותלמידיה!

תודה ענקית לך טליה!

—  שולה ודני זמיר (אמנית ומורה)

Thank you Talia for a wonderful introduction to Japanese ink painting for our home education group. It was enjoyed by all and gave us a great appreciation of the skill involved in creating your artworks. Lots of the participants are intending to continue to practice. 

— Hannah Douglass Home Education Group 

I’ve had a love for Japanese culture all my life, and after practising the sword related arts for over 40 years I promised myself I would learn to paint in the traditional Japanese style. Talia has studied in Japan and is teaching us the physical and mental concepts of the painting art. Exactly what I was looking for. I fully recommend the courses if you want more than just a superficial explanation of the art. 

— Paul G.

It was an absolute pleasure for me to join Talia's class. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn new Art & culture because it helps provide understanding of Japanese Ink Painting principles. Also, perfect for someone looking for a break to relax and unwind, it is really good atmosphere in the class. 

— Mary

The king Fisher and lotus,was a lovely subject to study.Very well broken down and explained in simplistic steps to help you acheive a lovely picture. A wonderful art form, which is both creative and calming. A great day. 

— Jackie C. Art teacher

I really enjoyed the amazing Japanese Ink Panting course. Talia has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Classes where run expertly, by a fantastic teacher.  I feel I have learned a lot, and looking forward in the future, to moving forward in this subject. And look forward to attending more workshops. It is a beautiful art form, that is timeless. It is the nearest from of art to nature. It's mediation in motion, with stunning results. 

— Jackie C.

A thoroughly enjoyable workshop spent not only practising calligraphy and brush painting in a very pleasant and calming environment but also sharing with Talia and the other student our appreciation of Japanese art and philosophy. 

— Emanuela R. Artist

The best present I could give me self. Thanks to Talia I have found a new passion.  I loved her classes and can't wait until the next time she will come to teach. I came to learn the technique and to use it on ceramic pieces which I make.  I am very happy with the results.   Thank You, Talia for your  knowledge, patience and very informative, relaxed and quiet classes. I will be back.

— Laurie S. Ceramist

Talia ran a fabulous course, which I very much enjoyed and thought of as a real discovery. 

The course was well structured and paced, giving space for exploration of what had been demonstrated and learned. The atmosphere was very friendly and encouraging. 

I would recommend the course strongly to anybody who wishes to link peace of mind with the movement of mark making. An extra benefit is the painting emerging at the end of the lesson, paying visible testimony to what is an extraordinary process and journey. 

— Cornelia E.

I have always admired the simplicity and elegance of Japanese ink painting but after taking a course on the subject with Talia LeHavi, my appreciation of the artform and my respect for the artists who produce it has grown immeasurably. Over a period of four weeks in March 2018, Talia taught us the fundamental techniques of calligraphy and painting the bamboo, wild orchids, chrysanthemum and plum blossom. The step-by-step approach of demonstrating the brushstrokes first, then letting us practice with Talia’s guidance, worked admirably well. We were given plenty of feedback and encouragement by the ever-patient Talia. At the end of each class, we each produced a finished painting to take home. The course was both enjoyable and a great learning experience. Thank you, Talia! 

— Sibel RW.

טליה יקרה תודה על הידע הרב והקורס השופע ומלא עניין

— איילת אדיב

The course content was Landscapes, but my primary aim was to improve the range of my brush strokes using a wider variety of subjects. Talia has such mastery of the brush and explains the techniques with patience and encouragement. Complementing the varied landscapes, rocks, trees, water and waterfalls, we also practised the bold strokes of the subject calligraphy. Mission accomplished.

—  Paul G. 

I had been looking for a course to learn Japanese ink and watercolour so

Talia's course looked exactly right. Having just finished the course, I'm extremely pleased that I took it as it delivered exactly what I was looking for. Talia created a perfect environment for learning and her teaching method was great. As  a result I made significant progress in only one course! I'm very grateful! Thank you Talia for helping me discover a new love! :) :) 

— Millie V.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous knowledge? I am a complete beginner

No previous experience in art or ink painting is required. This workshop is designed for mixed-level abilities, and Talia will offer 1-2-1 time for each student to progress in their own rhythm.

Is there an age limit?

16 and up

I am a professional artist, is this for me?

Yes, many professional artists and designers have been studying with Talia and benefit from the aesthetic of Japanese art and practice. The course will offer new ways of observation and understanding composition and space in Japanese ink painting,  as well as an in-depth understanding of tools and materials and sampled traditional exercises.

What about tools and materials?

If you have your own kit, do bring it along. Otherwise, the teacher will provide all that you need for the day. 

It is recommended to bring an apron, notepad and pencils and an A3 folder for your practices and finished paintings to carry home.

What about cancellation?

Cancellation refund is according to the college/ school/museum policy.

In the case of teacher's cancellation, a full refund will be offered.

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