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Pine and Ikebana


This is a unique course, filmed live at the London Flower School, combining the two artistic forms of ink painting and ikebana. Because of its special qualities, pine has come to represent strength, renewal and immortality. In this short course you will learn to paint pine and red tulips from your very own flower arrangement, known in Japanese as ikebana. The course was filmed live at the London Flower school and so you will have the opportunity to watch master flower arranger and head of the London Flower School, Wagner Kreusch, demonstrating how to make a traditional pine ikebana, with a selection of pines and red tulips. In the second part of this online course, you will learn a variety of brush strokes to paint pine needles, cones and barks. You will be invited to practice your brush and make your very own ink painting of a pine branch. In the last part of this course you will learn how to paint tulips and include them in your final pine ikebana ink painting composition. In the bonus material section you will find three additional pine ikebana compositions to practice your new brush skills, as well as a traditional pine trees composition for you to enjoy exploring.

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