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Diamond Clouds

Clouds are jewels of the sky. What are they about? Coming and going, gathering and separating.

Water flying above us. Shifting and moving, changing shape whilst on their way. 

Endless transformation, holding on to nothing, other then the passing moment.

And in that very moment, a form within form, within form, they are eternal - like a diamond, a jewel of the earth.

And like a diamond I can see it, the cloud, even though it is transparent, if only thanks to its edges. Like the diamond facets, that otherwise would be part of all rocks, if not for the light coming through from the sun.

My diamond clouds are a reminder of the sacred moment, that passes swiftly, and disappear. That holds within it the glow of all things. It is a reminder that within the moment, is the forever. The eternal. The endless. The whole. The full, and the empty.

Within these I am full. Empty. Whole. Endless. Part of the eternal creation.

What colour is there to a cloud or a diamond? A shade of nothingness. Reflecting water back to the sun, or holding water inside. Not really of colour themselves, known because of all else, that gives them a colour.

They are a dwelling sanctuary through which colour passes by, and is able to be seen. And so am I - a dwelling place - through which my life can pass by.

Decorating the heaven above, diamond clouds, gives line and rhythm to the passage of time. And if you try to stick your finger in a clouds, then you are in a different place, a different cloud.

So do we, changing our being in accordance to the place within which we stick our decisions. Like a diamond, forever strong, glowing out of the facets of life, in the transparent moment to moment grace.

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