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ArtBrush Library

Selection of writings, essays and contemplations to guide you with your Japanese Ink painting studies

Course Description

About this membership

Welcome to ArtBrush Library, a hub for learning about the history of Japanese ink painting, created to assist in expanding your knowledge and appreciation of this traditional process.

The library is a growing source of writings and essays, covering a range of subjects including tools, materials, ink masters, contemplative notes for the artist, viewing paintings and exploring ink painting within Japanese art history. Plus, there are a selection of Hebrew writings available. Please see included writings in the content section below.

ArtBrush Library will continue to grow with new material, so be sure to visit often to harness this tool within your ink painting journey. All of the material on the library is downloadable, allowing you to print and create your own reference book at home.

            ''Study as if you never could get enough of it, as if you were afraid something might just get away from you''                  - Confucius


Insight to ArtBrush Library content

Access the ArtBrush Library

Selection of writings, essays and contemplations to guide you with your Japanese Ink painting studies


Meet your teacher

Talia Lehavi is an artist, a practitioner and a teacher of traditional Japanese ink painting. Following years of teaching, her love and passion for this artistic medium has now prompted her to create ArtBrush - online school for the studies of Japanese ink painting. The school is designed for students of all levels, from around the world, who are excited to learn, explore and discover the joy of ink painting and its many facets.

Talia Lehavi Headshot - ArtBrush Japanese Ink Brush Painting Instructor - Artist - London Mallorca Zichron


What our students say about their experience

Tsipi - ArtBrush Student

Talia’s ArtBrush online school guides its students onto a soulful journey into the realms of traditional Japanese ink painting. It is a unique combination between the disciplined perfection of the inner discourse of the hand, brush and ink, with an opportunity for new horizons as well as deep and spontaneous individual insights.

—  Tsipi W. Art Historian

Holly - ArtBrush Student

As a beginner in Japanese Ink Painting, Talia's approach to teaching made me feel completely comfortable. I have learnt so much about the history, processes and application of Ink Painting and cannot wait to continue pursuing my newfound skill set even further. I would recommend ArtBrush to everyone, no matter of capability, it's a truly unique school which allows for dedicated and encouraging learning.

—  Holly G. Artist

Olympia - ArtBrush Student

Very detailed and informative course ! I have always been an admirer of Asian traditional painting and this course provided me of an insider's look of this magic world. With the help of Talia and the ARTBRUSH online courses, I have managed to learn, exercise and master special brushwork techniques otherwise unaccesible to me. I also got an overall understanding of the aesthetics around this beautiful world of ink painting.

I totally recommend this!

—  Olympia T. Artist & Writer


Included in this membership

ArtBrush library - Resources for the ink painter practitioner

Welcome to the Library

  1. Welcome

  2. Learning Japanese Ink Painting - Introduction

Mindful Notes for the Artist

  1. The Six Canons of Brush Painting

  2. Avoiding the Banal

  3. 4 Essential Japanese Ink Painting Tutorials

  4. What Makes a Painting Original ?

  5. How to Make a Line with Ink ?

  6. How to Make a Simple Line?

  7. Mastering the Power of Ink and Brush - Richard Weihe/ Shih-T'ao

  8. Learn From the Pine - Matsuo Bashō

  9. A Secret About Being an Artist

  10. Monochrome Ink - Beyond the Rainbow

Understand your Tools and Materials

  1. Ink 墨 'sumi'

  2. Ink Stone 硯 'suzuri'

  3. Paper 紙 'kami'

  4. Brush 筆 'fude'

  5. Water-Droppers 水滴 'suiteki'

  6. seal 判子 'hanko'

  7. Japanese Watercolours 水彩 'suisai'

  8. How to Care for Your Tools and Materials

Mounting Your Ink Painting

  1. How to Mount Your Painting

How to Look at a Japanese Ink Painting 

  1. The great Dream - Looking at One Zen Ink Painting

  2. Footprints of Enlightenment - The ink Painting of Zen master Hakuin (1686 – 1769)

  3. Irises at Yatsuhashi - A Japanese screen by Ogata Kōrin (1658 – 1716) - video

  4. Nagasawa Rosetsu -18th C. Eccentric Master of Ink

  5. Ink Dragons in Japanese Art of the Edo Period

  6. A Wild Rose and Butterfly - A Painting by Shibata Zeshin (1807 – 1891) -  video

  7. Hydrangea of the Rinpa School - video

  8. A Crab Woodblock Print - by Utagawa Kunisada (1786 – 1865)

  9. Chrysanthemum by The Stream - From Jachuchū to Murakami

  10. The Mad Poet and the Wind - A drawing by Hokusai (1760-1849)

  11. A Shrike on a Barren Branch - An ink painting by Japan famous warrior Musashi (1584 – 1645)

  12. White Peony - by Hasegawa Tōhaku (1539 – 1610) - video

Japanese Aesthetic

1. What Makes a Good Composition?

2. Wabi-Sabi and the Practice of Ink Painting

3. Wild Flowers and grasses and Mono-No-Aware

4. Haiga - Painted Poetry or Poetic Painting

About Calligraphy

  1. Structure of the Writing System - Introduction

  2. Types of Script

  3. Outline Structure of Characters

Pictures of Ink and Water 水 墨 画 'sui boku ga' - Calligraphy Practice Sample (with video)

  1. Notes for Your Calligraphy Practice

  2. Water 水 'sui' - Worksheet

  3. Ink 墨 'boku' - Worksheet

  4. Picture 画 'ga' - Worksheet

  5. Pictures of Ink and Water 水 墨 画 'sui boku ga' - How to do (0:57)

  6. Calligraphy Net for Practice - Print and use under your practice paper

Recommended Resources by Talia

52 Favourites Books

22 Museum Collections of Japanese Art from Around the World

12 Sources for Tools and Materials 

ספרית בית הספר ׳אמנות המכחול׳

ברוכים הבאים לספריה

הכרות עם ציודי ציור דיו יפני

  1. ארבעת האוצרות של ציור דיו

  2. דיו יפני - סוּמי - הקדמה

  3. חותמות בציור דיו מסורתי - הקדמה ודוגמאות

  4. איך לתחזק את ׳ארבעת אוצרות הציור׳

הערות חשובות לאמן ציור הדיו

  1. לימוד ציור דיו - הקדמה

  2. שִשה העיקרים של ציור דיו

  3. המנעות מהבנאלי

  4. הקו הנוֹשם

  5. התמחות בעֹצמת דיו ומכחול

  6. לִמדי מהאוֹרן - מצוּאוֹ בַּאשוֹ

מתיחת ציורים

  1. הנחיות למתיחת הציור שלך

על קליגרפיה

  1. מבנה מערכת הכתב - הקדמה

  2. סוגי כתב

  3. מתווה המבנה הפנימי של סימניות

׳תמונות דיו ומים׳ - סוּאִי-בּוֹקוּ-גָה - אימון

  1. קליגרפיה יפנית - הערות לאימון 

  2. ׳סוּאִי׳ - מים - דף עבודה

  3. ׳בּוֹקוּ׳ - דיו - דף עבודה

  4. ׳גָה׳ - תמונה - דף עבודה

  5. ׳סוּאִי-בּוֹקוּ-גָה׳ -תמונות דיו ומים - וידאו קליגרפיה (0:57)

  6. רשת רקע לאימון סימניות קלגרפיה - להדפיס ולהניח מאחורי דף האימון

Access the ArtBrush Library

Selection of writings, essays and contemplations to guide you with your Japanese Ink painting studies


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the membership start and finish?

The membership starts now and never ends! ArtBrush library is open for you to use whenever you want.

How long do I have access to the library?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling and as long as ArtBrush is live online, you have unlimited access to the library across any devices you own for as long as you like.

Will I be able to access all materials in the library?

Yes! The library is growing every month, and your membership allows you full access to all materials.

How do I enrol?

To enrol in the ArtBrush Library Membership, click on any "Enrol" button on this page and complete your purchase. You will need to create an account with us to purchase and access the library. If you already have an account, log in to complete your purchase. Then, you'll have access to the library, and your purchase details will be emailed to you.

What software do I need to access the course?

Please simply ensure that you have updated your internet browser to the latest version. If you run into any technical issues, we advise to clear your cache, cookies and browsing history. For any further technical enquiries please contact:

What if I wish to cancel?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

How can I get further help and ask a question?

At any time, our team will help you at:

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