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Are You Ready to Master Japanese Ink Painting?

ArtBrush is an online school created to assist you in developing your skills in Japanese Ink Painting while giving you a deeper appreciation for this tradition within Japanese art history. The schools step-by-step courses are designed to allow you to practice brush exercises, guiding you in creating your own ink paintings while experiencing the meditative nature of the process.

ArtBrush founder, Talia Lehavi, is an artist, practitioner and teacher of traditional Japanese ink painting. Following years of teaching, her love and passion for this artistic medium has now prompted her to create ArtBrush, the online school for Japanese ink painting.

Hoseo Sensei & ArtBrush Instructor, Talia Lehavi in her Studio - Online School for Japanese Ink Painting
Hoseo Sensei & Talia

"My own extensive journey into Japanese art and its ink painting, studying with mentors for seven years and completing an MA at the School of Oriental and Africa Studies in London, has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I want to share with you. My experience has allowed me to teach Japanese ink painting Worldwide, and I’ve created ArtBrush to allow students to learn alongside me and progress in their creative journey, wherever in the World."

The school is catered for beginners as well as for those with prior experience, to provide a valuable learning voyage for anyone with a desire to learn the foundations of Japanese ink painting. We have a wide variety of courses available, including single courses, which focus on one specific subject, called ArtBrush Lessons. Our Four Nobles Foundation Course offers an in-depth study, and our expanding ArtBrush Library provides you with writings and essays on the history of Japanese ink painting. Each course also includes a Tools and materials check-list, PDF worksheets and additional compositions for you to practice in your own time.


Learn More

> For an in-depth foundation course on Japanese ink painting check it out here

> For other individual painting tutorials please check the link HERE

> Get your own Japanese ink painting tool set, curated by Talia HERE

> For more writings on Japanese ink paintings sign up to ArtBrush Library


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About the Author

Japanese Ink Painting Instructor & Artist, Talia Lehavi - Standing with a brush in front of Notes on Pine collection in Mallorca Studio

Talia LeHavi is a professional artist and a certified teacher of Japanese ink painting. Exhibiting both in the UK and internationally, she is known for her cross-disciplinary paintings, prints and ceramic tiles.

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