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celadon set

celadon set

This set comprises of 13 items:


  • Fine brush

    weasel hair / Diam. 2.5mm / brush length 1.8cm / total length 18.5cm

  • Medium brush

    Diam. 7.5mm / brush length 3.6cm / total length 22.7cm

  • Large brush

    horsehair & sheep wool / Diam. 1cm / length 4.6 cm / total length 20 cm

  • Ink stone / suzuri

    made in Ogatu, Miyagi Prefecture / L. 13.5 × W. 7.4 × H. 2cm

  • Ink stick / sumi

  • Ceramic brush-rest for four brushes

    decorated with blossom design in celadon / W.12.7 x D.2.2 x H.3.1cm

  • Ceramic water dropper / suiteki

    ceramic celadon in a round shape / Diam. 6.3 x H. 4cm

  • Iron paperweight / bunchin

    decorated with a lucky-coin pattern / L.19.5 x W.1.9 x H.1.8cm / weight 220g

  • Japanese watercolour set of twelve colours

    natural pigments and minerals base traditional watercolours

  • Felt mat / shitajiki

    high-quality Japanese felt used as an underlay / 33×45cm

  • Pad of good quality paper / gasenshi

    20 sheets / ivory shade / 30% mulberry paper / 35x27cm

  • Brush holder / fudemaki

    traditional brush holder made from bamboo and cloth / 33 x 33cm

  • Chrysanthemum dish / kikuzara 

    white ceramic palette with seven compartments / Diam.18.5 x H.2.7cm


  • EXTRA - How to care for your new tool set - detailed explanation in English of how to care for your new tools and materials set


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  • Celedon Set

    A very good quality set for Japanese ink painting, calligraphy and watercolour. Offers the essential tools and materials for a professional painting experience. Includes a set of twelve Japanese watercolours.

  • Made in Japan


    All items are designed and made in Japan. Brushes, ink stick and ink stones are hand-crafted.

  • Shipping

    The set will be shipped in a well packed box.

    Shipping costs will be added at check-out.

    All orders will be shipped within two working days.

    The set is sent from Mallorca, local taxes in your country are not included. 

    Items will arrive ready for you to use and get painting.



  • Return Policy

    If the item was damaged or defective, or if you received an item different from your order, please let us know within seven days of receipt of the delivery via Contact Us.

    Please note that we will not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:・over eight days from delivery ・items have been used・damaged or stained by customer・box or instructions are damaged, lost, stained or discarded.

    You will not be able to exchange your item if it is no longer in stock, such as a limited product.

    All returns postage fee should be paid by customers

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